'PT Experience' Augmented Reality App

'PT Experience' Augmented Reality App

A mobile application utilizing Augmented Reality technology.

This mobile app, 'PT Experience: Cyclo BBB', uses Augmented Reality (AR)  technology to enhance customers' experiences with Sumitomo's product line. The mobile application features a simple product configuration mode that customizes the user's AR experience, allowing each customer to visualize their desired Sumitomo product in real 3D space. Additionally, PT Experience showcases the features, benefits and components of Sumitomo's products through the "Explore" mode of the app; this mode allows the user to interact with the external and internal views of the product to see the different options available, as well as exploded views and animations of the gearing components.

See it in action: Video Demo of PT Experience


PT Experience and its promotions were picked up by national news outlets, and was also featured on the Times Square digital billboards in New York City. The press coverage about the app provided widespread visibility and promotion across a variety of industries outside of just the Power Transmission industry.

My contribution: Concept ideation, content creation, UI/UX planning and design, project and vendor management, and mobile app launch & promotions.